Cone Penetration Testing

To provide our clients with a technically advanced site investigation tool and to enhance our analytical capabilities we developed a purpose built truck for carrying out cone penetration testing.  It has a maximum push capacity of 300 kN and is capable of advancing the CPT probe to 70 m depth.  We have 5 and 20 tonne capacity probes manufactured by Vertek CPT equipped to measure tip and sleeve resistance, soil pore-water pressure and shear wave velocity.  This equipment has allowed us to carry out detailed stratigraphic profiling and to collect accurate, repeatable data on soil strength, compressibility and permeability for a multitude of analyses.

The data is suitable for a wide range of applications including design of pile and spread footing foundations, assessment of undrained soil strength for slope stability and other analyses, design of preload requirements on deposits of compressible clay and silt, and to determine small strain modulus for dynamic analysis of foundations subjected to vibrating loads, including wind turbines, compressors and steam turbines.