Land Development

Our geotechnical engineering experience and understanding of surficial and bedrock geological conditions across northern B.C. provides good background for assessments of new and expanding industrial, commercial and residential developments.  This includes evaluations of geohazards, including landslides, rock fall, seismic stability and liquefaction potential, assessment of foundation conditions, aggregate sources, and recommendations for installation of buried utilities. 

Commercial Buildings

In addition to extensive gravel and stiff clay deposits throughout most of British Columbia there are also a wide variety of challenging subsurface conditions including weak, normally consolidated silt in the central interior of BC, expansive, high plastic clay in the Peace Region, and highly sensitive marine sediments on the coast. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of foundation options including preloading, raft or pile foundations for construction over weak, compressible deposits, bored, cast-in-place concrete piles to manage swelling clay, as well as conventional concrete spread footing foundations where conditions are relatively straightforward.